Internet, for all purposes and businesses

The majority of the planet’s data traffic runs over the Internet. Whether you’re a small office or global giant, reliable Internet access connects your business to the world. Choosing the right solution requires a conversation beyond speed and price. Custom Connect delivers Internet at any location, in over 2,000 datacenters and 250 countries around the world. Our bandwidths that vary from 2 Mbps up to 100 Gbps.


Custom Connect brings all countries with an open internet infrastructure within your reach.


We have a presence in over 2,000 data centres worldwide.

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Connectivity determines your Cloud

For any cloud & content provider, private or public, connectivity is vital as it determines the quality of the cloud user’s service and experience. Cloud providers need to look into the connectivity between their data centers around the world and their end users or satellite offices. They must ensure they have the best mix of availability, bandwidth and latency.


Delivery in 2,000+ data centers.


100% availability can be guaranteed.

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