Sometimes, what appears to be a small, insignificant event can have an effect on the wider world. A Spanish man ploughing his land managed to temporarily bring down the business activities of a large part of Valencia, one of Spain’s major economic hubs. In the process of digging a hole in the ground, the man cut a fiber cable that ran under his land. This particular cable maintained data traffic between Madrid’s stock exchange and one of Valencia’s main data centers. After the person’s mishap, Valencia had to wait roughly seven hours before the connection was reestablished.

Why did it take so much time to regain service? The cut connection was not ‘protected’, meaning that the carrier in charge of the cable did not provide alternative network paths if the line was disconnected.

Lesson learned for the impacted parties: be better at selecting connections that are protected. It might cost more, but it provides the reassurance that if unexpected cable breaks do occur, they will not hinder your operations. It is much better to be safe than sorry. Contact Custom Connect to learn more about 99.999% connectivity, redundancy and availability.


Source: Custom Connect Genius database

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