An Informative & Successful Day at the Connecting The Cloud Event

Yesterday, leading players in the European cloud arena met for the Connecting the Cloud event at the Dutch National Military Museum on the former Soesterberg Airbase to discuss leading cloud developments and security.

The event was hosted by Custom Connect in cooperation with Equinix, Fuze, Huawei, IPKnowledge, NetDialog and RIPE NCC. 

The day started out with a quick networking session before everyone took their seats in the auditorium to listen to the first round of speakers discuss their company’s vision for the future of the cloud

There we heard from Denis Dincic, the Global Solution Architect from Equinix, who spoke about the interconnectedness of the cloud today and where it could be headed. Next up was Bert-Jan Kamp, the Chief Technology Officer van IPKnowledge, who dove into new technologies surrounding the cloud. Then, we heard from Bart van de Burgt, the Regional Sales Manager of Fuze, who addressed the ever-growing importance of leveraging the cloud for enterprise business communications. Last but not least was Tim Ruhl, the Vice President Engineering of Netdialog, who tackled visibility and transparency in modern network architectures.

Leading us through the panels was our Chairman, Sven Polak, who guided the questions and discussions between each speaker and managed to make us chuckle a few times, too.

The Connecting the Cloud Event then took to the backdrop of the incredibly large, and modern museum which is home to old military planes and helicopters not only on the ground but dangling above your head. Here, speakers and guests of the Connecting the Cloud event continued their conversations on cloud developments, technology, visions for the future, and security before heading back up to the second round of panels.

The final speakers were our own CTO Rutger Bevaart, RIPE NCC‘s Arne Kiessling, and Joris Claassen from Huawei. Bevaart spoke about the cloud-based enterprise solutions of today and how to best tackle each company’s needs. Kiessling dove into the pressing subject of the lack of space in IPV4 and the eventual switch to IPV6, and Claassen touched on the interconnectedness of the cloud, the hardware to back it up, and how Huawei is pressing forth.

At the Connecting the Cloud event, Custom Connect also unveiled CC Insight, their new network monitoring service that goes beyond industry standards to offer global enterprises greater insight into their far-reaching networks and business-critical applications. For more information, check out the press release here.

Custom Connect see’s the Connecting the Cloud event as a total success – bringing together industry leaders from many different backgrounds to discuss their differing, but sometimes shared, vision for the future of the cloud.

When the day began Sven Polak asked the audience to remember the first time they heard of the cloud. The audience reminisced about the days when it was a concept, or when they realized their photos from their iPhone went straight to it. And, by the end of the day, the guests walked away with a broader understanding of where the cloud is now, and where their peers think it’s going to take them in the future.

Next week we will be showcasing exclusive interviews from guests and speakers at the Connecting the Cloud event in our video blog. We can’t wait to share more of this informative, and fun event with you soon – so stay tuned! In the meantime, connect with us on LinkedIn, friend us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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