AS, the hallmark of Internet Architecture

Most people are familiar with the IP numbering system. For those who are new to the concept, an IP address is the numerical label assigned to a device (for example, a computer, printer, smartphone, etc.) accessing a network that uses Internet Protocol for data communication.

Another global Internet architecture numbering system that is just as important as IPs is AS numbering. AS stands for Autonomous System and these systems help partition the Internet into a limited number of top-level networks. Many large sub-networks occupy a space within a single AS and the owners of specific AS numbers are often large ISPs, carriers and global enterprises.

The AS number ranking corresponds with the date of issue: the lower the number, the earlier the network system connected to the Internet. Lower numbers are seen as a hallmark and sign of ‘Internet Nobility’. Currently, there are far more than 65,000 AS numbers assigned.

We are very proud that we own AS260. Being the operator of an AS allows us to build our own top level network, which in turn provides customers access to the most innovative and reliable network services available. That is why we have called our managed network platform Custom260, as it is based on AS260, as Rutger Bevaart, our CTO, recently explained.

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