Big Data analysis offers significant opportunities for the enterprise. Cost savings, increased productivity and improved customer insight are just some of the benefits. There has been plenty of discussion about corporate data and its management, but one aspect that is often overlooked is the smooth transmission of data from one location to another.

Data comes from many sources and locations, both inside and outside of a company, and for some applications data is generated instantly in real-time. This makes the network one of three key considerations to ensure a business can successfully leverage Big Data. In order to achieve high throughput and low latency, infrastructure thresholds need to be removed. The other two are the software and hardware necessary to crunch, dice, correlate, analyze and present the information.

Why is speed so important? Data analytics has moved from being the domain of a few power users in an organization to every employee, customer, partner and consumer’s remit. Also, the impending Internet of Things – inter-communication between machines, systems, devices and sensors – accelerates the need for speed even further.

If you are embarking on a Big Data project, it is crucial to first check your network requirements before making any significant investment in software and hardware. Allow us to advise you on how to avoid overly expensive network costs and unnecessary connectivity issues.

Remember, we are the global network and low latency specialists after all!


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