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An excellent infrastructure for digital communications is critical for any financial. But what does ‘excellence’ actually mean? Sometimes it is the highest bandwidth, sometimes the lowest possible latency, sometimes it’s connection uptime. In all cases, the financial institute must be able to rely on a robust infrastructure with the best latency and availability. Finance needs high-available, high-speed networking.

“Bespoke Connectivity helps financial institutions stay ahead of the competition.”

You want:

•  Low Latency – In 99% of cases we offer the lowest latencies
•  Global Reach – You need to connect business centers and financial exchanges
•  Efficiency – One provider, one contact, one contract
•  Availability  ‘Five 9s’

Financials are always looking for networks with high availability. This can only be achieved with multiple carrier networks that run separately from one another. It is almost impossible for banks to have the in-depth knowledge of all the connections, providers, specifications and prices of the global networks on offer, or of the level of end-to-end redundancy of the offerings.

Automated Traders are focused on getting the fastest connections between the financial exchanges wherever they may be located around the globe. They do not want to have to scan the market and explore the huge range of telecom players for the fastest routes. Custom Connect provides a neutral overview of all of these routes and all the associated changes. The design, delivery and support of global low latency connectivity is in our DNA – being the first low latency Microwave service provider in Europe demonstrates our commitment to your market needs.

Custom Connect Zero Assessment

Which connectivity do you need and which choice best addresses your business strategy? Why not perform the Custom Connect Zero Assessment to align connectivity with your business objectives, processes, your specific market and applications? From a risk management and cost perspective, determining the connectivity you  required for each application category is critical.

Scope of the Zero Assesment

Business objectives and how connectivity influences them
Regulatory considerations
Basic infrastructure and applications
4  Industry-specific applications
The relationships between data, servers, storage, networks, clouds and regions
The data volume per unit of time (actual and anticipated)
Required bandwidth (dimensioned on peak load)
The allocation of bandwidth per application and per location

Select an independent specialist that can implement a flexible infrastructure that caters to your exact needs. A partner that stays on-trend with developments and that reacts to industry changes when they occur. Select Custom Connect and lower your costs, improve availability and drive flexibility.

Custom Connect, That’s Why

Lowest Latency – 45% reduction with our wireless offering
 Availability – We can guarantee 100% availability
 Service Assurance – Superior customer experience
 Footprint – We are serving 75% of the leading Automated Trading Desks
 Single Point of Contact/Contract – for 1,500+ providers worldwide
 Carrier-Neutral – Over 1,500 carriers in reach


Tips for the financial community:

 Check actual availability and benchmark actual latency profile. In other words, conduct a Zero Assessment
 Ensure your infrastructure between branches, offices, data centres, clouds is of the highest standard
 Assess the bandwidth for each application – a one-size-fits-all strategy is needlessly expensive
 Never choose a single carrier for everything
 Remain flexible and alert
 Today’s solutions become outdated faster than you may think

Our Proof:

“Custom Connect serves 75% of the Automated Trading Desks and many of the TOP50 Banks worldwide. We save over 45% roundtrip latency between London and Frankfurt Trading Platforms via our proprietary microwave connections and counting down!”


Book your free Custom Connect Zero Assessment Today!


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