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Data communication specialist

Custom Connect is a global operating data communication specialist with offices in Amsterdam, London, New York and Dubai. We offer communication solutions and services that connect your offices, branches, data centers, clouds and customers. Custom Connect was founded by Olav van Doorn and Jan Willem Meijer, both proven telco experts. Their strong vision on the importance of carrier-neutral connectivity led to the creation of one of the most successful data connectivity integration companies operating globally. Connectivity? Our business.

Carrier Neutral Connectivity

Custom Connect combines the highest level of industry expertise and experience with our unique carrier-neutral connectivity layer to connect any location, wherever in the world it may be. We are not bound to, any single provider but can provide access to any operator, carrier or network worldwide.

Our client base consists of Financials, Retailers, Cloud Providers, Media, Content Providers, ISPs, and Datacenters, varying from Fortune500 enterprises to innovative start-ups and anything in-between. There are many reasons to become a customer of Custom Connect, but here’s a selection that will introduce you to our unique approach. This is out vision:

Take connectivity to the business level

We look at connectivity from a business perspective. Your business strategy is our starting point. Where do you want to take your business? What applications do you run? How about the cloud? Where are your offices, data centres and customers located? How will your business evolve? These elements and more define your connectivity needs. Our solutions are tailored to match your business requirements.


We differentiate ourselves by maintaining a neutral position, not bound to any network, carrier or technology. We offer neutral and bespoke solutions to fulfil your individual needs. Neutrality keeps us flexible and allows us to concentrate on our core mission: providing independent and impartial advise. That makes Custom Connect a true partner instead of being just another vendor.

Solutions instead of capacity

Telecom organizations typically focus on selling their most profitable services, so they will sell capacity on their own network. They are supply oriented. We are different. We strongly believe that your business requirements should prevail. We are not bound to any network or protocol and therefore we are able to combine multiple networks into one bespoke solution that fulfills your specific needs. Our 24×7 support center is experienced in supporting these services for our clients whichever carrier or technologies they choose.

Single point of contact 

Custom Connect is your hub for all your connectivity needs, offering services from virtually every carrier on a global scale. We bundle the complete telecommunications sector into a single access point.

+  One contract: we bundle the commercial conditions and SLAs of up to 1500 carriers.
+  Service Delivery hub: a dedicated project manager will be available for all your global connectivity needs.
+  One invoice: real-time intelligence of the performance and expenses of your complete network.
+  Proactive Support: receive 24/7 support from our dedicated team of experts through a single web form, call or email, regardless of the used or preferred network, carrier or technology.

Our customers can submit their connectivity and support requests through a single web form, call or email, regardless of the used or preferred network, carrier or technology.


In-depth market knowledge is the foundation of our business. Being up to date about the dynamic telecommunication market requires the experience of professionals who operate in this field every day. Genius is our intelligence base that contains all fiber connections, data centres, carriers, latencies and other specific characteristics of global telecoms. Genius is updated daily, by maintaining frequent and intensive interaction with our clients to understand their needs as well as researching the market and active discussion within the industry

Cost-effective approach

Custom Connect has pre-negotiated contracts to save your company time and money. Our aggregated rates through multiple carriers ensure that your company receives the best (wholesale) pricing and premier levels of service available in the market today.


Custom Connect’s unique carrier-neutral services are based on AS260. This platform allows us to integrate global solutions into a single seamless service. The high-quality infrastructure supports our integrated IP solutions, is highly interconnected to leading exchanges and cloud initiatives and still follows customer requirements and demand. It’s a prime, customer-driven infrastructure.

With POPs in all major network connectivity hubs we can create any-to-any connectivity solutions that integrate a range of carriers into a single solution.

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