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Is a cyberwar going on?

East and West are drifting apart – with the leaders of Russia, Europe and the US exchanging threats. And it’s not just a matter of words: in the digital arena, warfare is in full swing. But, will the new US president elect, Donald Trump, be willing to reduce the tensions? Or will the running war of words, and bits & bytes be extended to the physical world?

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The hunt for infra accelerates

High-tech companies are scrambling to expand their share in the distribution chain that runs to the consumer and the business customer. Data centers become carriers; content providers such as Apple and Google become carriers and data center providers in one. Hardware vendors also buy software platforms.

The latest move by Oracle in purchasing Dyn follows this trend. But why is Oracle buying?
More on Oracle’s cloud infrastructure here

Fuze & Custom Connect team up

Custom Connect and Fuze, the leading UCaaS solution for the modern enterprise, are teaming up to introduce their respective offerings to their customers. When combined, they provide cloud unified communications over global networks with unparalleled performance and availability. Fuze understands the impact of connectivity on the experience of their customers. We are happy to help Fuze customers in optimizing their network in line with their business strategy and bring the Fuze UC differentiators to the attention of our customer portfolio.

The benefits of SaaS communications

The next big thing!

Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) and 5G will trigger new dynamics in the carrier and networking market. SD-WAN offers a more holistic view on communications, looking primarily to the applications and their needs. The on-demand service concept is coming to the WAN. The user will love it. But we are not there yet.

More on SD-WAN here


Tech Update – Hybrid IP Networks

Custom Connect CTO Rutger Bevaart talks about Hybrid IP Networks, Software Defined WAN and SDN.
Watch what Rutger has to say

Welcome to Custom Connect!

During the last 3 months of 2016, we again have welcomed some great people.

Roy van Rossum – Account Director NL
Stanley Howie – Sales Development Rep. UK
Ayllas de Vries – Sales Development Rep. NL
Gari Sandoval – Network Engineer

Custom Connect wishes you a happy new year and all the best for 2017!


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