Custom Connect & BIT: Bringing Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Cloud Connectivity to the Edge

‘You can stay where you are’

Custom Connect and BIT bring enterprise-grade hybrid cloud connectivity to the edge

One connection to multiple clouds for BIT customers


Custom Connect CTO Rutger Bevaart speaks with BIT CTO Alex Bik at the data centers in Ede, Netherlands.


The Situation: local players need enterprise-grade cloud connectivity around the corner. Cloud computing has benefits for all organisations — not just the big players. Smaller and locally oriented companies also need connectivity to the public clouds they prefer. For those customers, connectivity is as business critical as it is for the large global enterprises. ‘No connectivity, no cloud’ applies to every business in the digital age.

Many carrier-neutral data centers offer cloud-connect functionality to enterprises — including connectivity to the largest public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft or Google. The premises of those data center providers are mainly located at data hubs, in the proximity of large business centers, internet exchanges and core communication backbones. In order to enjoy the enterprise-oriented infrastructures of those data centers, smaller, local players were forced to move their IT to those data centers, away from the trusted partners they have built a sound and favourable business relation with.

There are many reasons why local players at the edge prefer to stay where they are. Easy and fast access to their assets, is just one of them. A data center that can be reached without long travel is of great comfort. Plus, local or focused data center providers better understand the specific needs of their customers. They speak their language and are more flexible and customer focused than their larger competitors that have reached a high degree of automation and standardization.

The Solution: enterprise-grade multi-cloud SLA connectivity from the local data center

Custom Connect and BIT now have a solution to bridge the gap between the requirements of local businesses in the BIT customer ecosystem and the offerings of the remote cloud providers.

Custom Connect has established a Point Of Presence at the BIT data center facilities in Ede, the green center region of The Netherlands. The Custom Connect POP gives BIT customers the opportunity to access much sought after hybrid solutions featuring Azure, AWS and Google cloud services, as well as carrier-neutral integration for global expansion.

What’s more, Custom Connect’s new Cloud Application Performance service (CAP) is also available to BIT customers. CAP makes global connections simpler, more reliable, and more cost-efficient. CAP connects global clouds with just one port and fixed, predictable, and transparent pricing.

The service will transform how enterprises navigate the quickly growing cloud offerings, but also provide customers guaranteed bandwidth performance — one of the biggest challenges facing the cloud today. With CAP, BIT customers gain full control over their interconnected clouds and get guaranteed performance.

Alex Bik, BIT CTO: “We see more and more operations explore hybrid cloud services and we want to get ahead of the curve so that when our customers are ready to switch over, we are too. Partnering with Custom Connect was a no brainer because they also understand how important it is to not only meet your clients’ needs, but anticipate them.”

Custom Connect’s CTO Rutger Bevaart: “Innovative businesses, wherever they are, can now connect to every single cloud service in the world via one port, manage global cloud connections with one partner, and can rely on guaranteed bandwidth with end-to-end application performance. It’s never been easier to connect to the cloud.”

As a dedicated service integrator that designs, delivers and supports high-performance connectivity solutions, Custom Connect utilizes a global, carrier-neutral approach that always puts its customers’ needs at the forefront. “BIT – a data center specializing in colocation, internet connections, and managed hosting and outsourcing – was a great match for many reasons, among them, their shared customer focus,” says Bevaart. “BIT does everything with their customers interests in mind, and this partnership is no different. By partnering with Custom Connect to establish a POP, BIT customers have the opportunity to build hybrid solutions anywhere in the world, and our customers have the opportunity to utilize a leading data center in a convenient location.”

Jan Willem Meijer, Owner & Chief Global Business Development Officer at Custom Connect: ‘Through our carrier-neutral approach, Custom Connect is able to offer BIT national and international telecommunication services at their data center in Ede. This gives themselves and their customers access to global cloud connectivity with Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and many others. Another major advantage is that they now have access to more than 1,500 carriers and ISP’s worldwide to create the most efficient networks with the highest SLA’s. They now have the same reach and cloud connect capabilities as the global enterprises. Just from their back-yard!’
Custom Connect was started as a Dutch company but quickly expanded its headquarters in Amsterdam to include London, New York, and Dubai. The partnership with BIT increases Custom Connect’s reach into the local Dutch market, and also establishes a greater international presence for BIT.

The Custom Connect/BIT partnership showcases that by being innovative and flexible, together, specialists in their domain are able to develop solutions that match the offerings of the larger providers whilst being better aligned with the needs of the customer.

BIT owns three data centers in Ede and is specialised in colocation, internet connections, managed hosting and outsourcing for corporate internet usage. BIT offers the basis of IT and internet infrastructure for quality-conscious organisations and that require reliability. BIT is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

Custom Connect
Custom Connect is a dedicated service integrator, designing, delivering and supporting high-performance connectivity solutions. Custom Connect utilizes a global, carrier neutral approach that always puts their customers’ needs at the forefront.

Custom Connect designs, builds and manages bespoke global networks that match the business requirements of its customers. The solutions provide per application the best mix of speed, bandwidth, SLA and price. As cloud and other mission-critical applications are crucial to the business continuity of the user, the connectivity provided by Custom Connect meets the highest standards in availability and speed.

The Results
– Enterprise-grade cloud connectivity around the corner
– Access to over 1,500 carriers and ISPs worldwide
– One contract, multiple clouds
– One port to fixed, predictable, transparent pricing and guaranteed bandwidth performance

“Guaranteed bandwidth performance is one of the biggest challenges facing the cloud today. Customers get full control over their interconnected clouds with guaranteed performance,” says Rutger Bevaart, Custom Connect’s CTO.

“We see more and more customers explore hybrid cloud services and we want to get ahead of the curve,’ says Alex Bik, BIT’s CTO.


For more information, or to learn how you can benefit from this partnership, email us at:

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