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Custom Connect Main Sponsor of Talented Paralympic Skier Floris Meijer

Amsterdam, 6 January 2016 — Custom Connect, the carrier-neutral data communications provider, will sponsor athlete Floris Meijer (26) for the next three years in his quest to qualify, and then go for gold, at the 2018 Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. A couple of years ago, Meijer sustained a spinal cord injury while skiing. But that does not stop him from chasing his dream of winning a medal. As a member of the national selection team, he is enrolled in the Talent Recognition Alpine Skiing program of the Netherlands Ski Association.




“I’m very happy about Custom Connect’s sponsor pledge. Thanks to Custom Connect and the Netherlands Ski Association’s support, I can focus and get prepared in all peace and quiet without having to worry about financing”, says Meijer. “Skiing is a relatively expensive sport as it involves a lot of traveling abroad in order to train for competitive skiing events. I stand a good chance to qualify, but, naturally, I will be going for gold in Seoul!”

Custom Connect is happy to be sponsor: “We greatly admire Floris’ perseverance and resilience. Just imagine this happening to you as a young man”, says Custom Connect’s CEO, Olav van Doorn. “Floris did not capitulate. He wants to make the impossible possible, and that attitude mirrors our company culture: build the best possible data networks for our clients, even under the most trying and demanding of circumstances. Another thing we have in common is speed. Floris needs to reach the finish line as fast as possible. And we build networks with the lowest latencies. We both aim for the best results.”

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