Custom Connect Monthly Newsletter: February 2017

We have to say we’re quite excited about 2017. Two months into the year and our expanded (and continually expanding) team is tackling great new projects and extending our reach. Last month we partnered with NetDialog, announced we’re looking for a Sales Support team member as well as a Finance assistant, and we explored the industry leading technologies of edge computing and AI. If you missed any of this don’t worry, we’ve rounded it up right here for you. 

Important Questions With The Rise of AI

Artificial Intelligence is working its way into our everyday lives. But, as CTO Rutger Bevaart points out, this technology is also raising some important questions as it becomes integrated into our homes and businesses.

Floris Hits The Slopes for the World Championship

Paralympic sit-skier and official Custom Connect mascot Floris Meijer hit the slopes for his first World Championships this week. There were a few bumps on the slope, but he pulled through for a great personal victory in the Super G race. Hear what Floris has to say about the championship races right here.

Custom Connect Partners with NetDialog for Real-time Insights

User experience is key in the digital economy. In fact, the user experience is the major battle to be won in the competitive ongoing tech wars. Enterprises need to continuously optimize their global network infrastructures to keep delivering the best experience and performance to their workforce and their customers. Therefore, frictionless networking has become a key element in the user experience. Continue reading about our partnership here.

Give into the hype: Edge Computing

What do virtual reality, self-driving cars, IoT, smart homes and cellular devices have in common? Well, a few things. But, particularly, their increasing need for speed. We know better, faster, network infrastructure advances are helping us get there. But now, an emerging processing technology is going to give our smart and connected devices the edge they need. Keep reading here

Combining human & artificial intelligence will require crazy connections

With self-driving cars, smart homes, and question-answering robots, connected devices are increasingly becoming a way of life. But, Elon Musk thinks they could become extensions of ourselves quite literally, and soon. Keep reading…

We’re Also Excited to Announce Two New Vacancies:

Sales Support Team Member: The Sales Support team member will negotiate with national and international Telecom Providers and translate customer requirements into connectivity solutions. The successful candidate will be a strong, self-motivated, and driven individual who is goal-oriented, methodical and tenacious, and can effectively interact with a team. More on the position here.

Finance Assistant: You are a team player but can independently take charge. You have a proactive and customer-oriented attitude that you know your responsibilities well. You are alert and respond adequately to changes. Read more about the position here.

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