Custom Connect MW to introduce low-latency MicroWave connection

between Basildon and Frankfurt with a latency of 4.74 milliseconds round trip market-to-market

Custom Connect BV, a global integrator of high-performance network solutions, today announced the launch of its subsidiary Custom Connect MicroWave (MW) BV. This new company specializes in the design, construction and support of ultra low-latency microwave connections for the financial community. The first connection is planned to be operational in December 2012 and connects two key financial markets, NYSE/Euronext in Basildon and Equinix in Frankfurt. With an expected latency of 4.74 milliseconds RTD, performance will be increased by 43% compared to current connections on fiber, combined with a benchmark in availability of 99.50%.

The connection was designed following thorough site surveys and feasibility studies in order to guarantee the lowest latency level and best uptime under all conditions. It will reduce latency, which will allow financial firms with trade/matching engines in both locations to trade faster.
Jan Willem Meijer, Commercial Director at Custom Connect MW commented: “High-Frequency Trading is the norm in equities and derivatives. Other asset classes, like Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income, are growing rapidly. NYSE/Euronext has given high-speed trading firms freedom in how they wish to connect to these markets. A latency of 4.74ms round trip (RTD) is just the start of an ongoing process to further optimize this route.”

Besides the tremendous latency improvement, the connection is also covered by a first-class SLA similar to unprotected connectivity services on fiber-optic networks. Committing to an availability of 99.50% on a 30-day period–including strong SLAs around latency, throughput and ‘time to repair’–makes this service the benchmark for long-distance MicroWave connections.
Custom Connect MW offers three types of services to fulfill every demand:

  • Dedicated link: a bespoke connection built according to individual specifications;
  • Dedicated radio: a private radio within a shared link, starting from 50 Mbps; and
  • Shared service: a layer-2 service starting with 10 Mbps.

Custom Connect MW is a joint venture of proficient companies bundling 10 years of proven experience in engineering and support of international MicroWave links for mission-critical applications. This unique formation combines experience within the technology-focused financial community with state-of-the-art bespoke wireless technology.
Together with a strong roadmap to improve the latency even further, Custom Connect MW delivers a strategic solution by delivering a competitive advantage to the financial community. As a result, Custom Connect MW has already received commitments from many leading financial organizations resulting in a 60% occupancy of the first system-capacity.

At this moment, Custom Connect MW is running several projects to connect all leading European financial exchanges through MicroWave low-latency connectivity.
Olav van Doorn, Executive Director at Custom Connect MW, added: “It’s great to be at the forefront of this development. Custom Connect MW is committed to remain a leading provider of ultra low-latency MicroWave connections for the financial community. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with game-changing technology as well as a superior service experience.”

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