Custom Connect Partners with NetDialog for Real-time Insights

Custom Connect deploys NetDialog for enhanced Network Performance Optimization Intelligence

The Situation: Value Added Network Services require real-time insights

User experience is key in the digital economy. In fact, the user experience is the major battle to be won in the competitive ongoing tech wars. Enterprises need to continuously optimize their global network infrastructures to keep delivering the best experience and performance to their workforce and their customers. Therefore, frictionless networking has become a key element in the user experience.

Customers of Custom Connect rely on a global network that matches their requirements for connectivity in terms of availability, bandwidth, latency and flexibility. These optimal specifications mean our clients are well equipped for leveraging even the most critical business applications.

‘Today’s focus on user experience has changed the delivery of WAN services radically. The times of designing and deploying a WAN that could last for a couple of years is far behind us. Now, networking is a dynamic, real-time effort as the network has become mission-critical. Traffic profiles change per minute and network security sometimes demands immediate action, says Rutger Bevaart, CTO and Lead Architect, Custom Connect. ‘As a leading Value Added Network Services Provider, Custom Connect must have the best intelligence on what is happening in the networks that we run on behalf of our customers. Telecom carriers typically are not transparent in this domain, as they prefer selling capacity upgrades. But we provide that information because we want to give our customers more insight and therefore better control of their infrastructure.’

The Solution: NetDialog’s actionable intelligence for optimizing WAN performance

One of Custom Connect’s differentiators is the far-reaching transparency in pricing and performance for its customers. Bevaart: ‘We focus on offering the best network services available. The applications that our customers use are beyond our control, although they may affect the network performance. Therefore, we feel the need to share the information of the application performance that we see in our networks with the customer. He or she is then able to optimize the network load that the applications bring about.’

While searching for the best intelligence solution, Custom Connect came across NetDialog and became impressed by the rich functionality of its flagship, NetX. ‘NetDialog helps us to lay our hands on the vital information our customers need. NetX gives us the actionable intelligence for optimizing WAN performance. Through partnering with NetDialog, we will provide our customers with even more granular intelligence in the network load, the behavior of heavy using applications and the causes for network congestion. This helps to optimize the applications and the network.’

‘We have come to know Netdialog as an energetic, agile bunch of people that explore the sweet spot in enterprise IT. They’re a group with a huge hunger for data that is needed for optimizing the ROI and performance of assets. Together, we have the same outlook on the importance of being carrier and vendor agnostic. Custom Connect is carrier neutral to ensure that our customers enjoy unparalleled flexibility in networking.’

Custom Connect will offer the service as an add-on to its service portfolio. Users of the service will have an extra function in their online customer portal that gives access to the near real-time data of their network and to a rich set of analysis tools for creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), custom reports, Actionable Dashboards and Data Visualizations.

Together with global partners such as Custom Connect, NetDialog builds, maintains and grows long-term relationships by delivering the NetX software capability to manage and optimize network and application performance as well as increase end-user experience. NetDialog is also enthusiastic about the natural fit they make with Custom Connect. ‘Our counterparts at Custom Connect share the same passion for network technology and business critical IT,’ said Teun Levering, the Sales & Marketing Director at NetDialog. ‘They look at the network from the WAN infrastructure layer perspective and we look at it from the perspective of the applications. And together, we close the gap.’


NetDialog: Platform for WAN Optimization Intelligence

NetDialog offers the knowledge and products to efficiently monitor and overview business-critical networks. NetDialog’s flagship product NetX helps enterprises to get complete visibility and control of their applications across their WANs and private cloud environments. NetX continuously monitors and analyzes the performance, user experience and delivery of applications in IT infrastructures, as well as the general performance of WANs, providing up-to-the-minute, easy-to-understand analytical information. The use of NetX results in better control of key applications and more efficient utilization of WANs and other ICT infrastructure components.

Custom Connect: high-performance global networks

Custom Connect designs, builds and manages bespoke global networks that match the business requirements of its customers. Custom Connect solutions provide the best mix of speed, bandwidth, SLA and price. As cloud and other mission-critical applications are crucial to the business continuity of the user, the connectivity provided by Custom Connect meets the highest standards in availability, speed, workforce mobility and productivity.

The Results

  • Identify applications that use up the bulk of the network
  • Monitor your Quality of Service (QoS)
  • SLA Monitoring
  • Monitor hybrid networking
  • Raise alerts on deviations
  • Schedule reports
  • Find top talkers and listeners
  • Report on trends

‘We address the sweet spot in enterprise IT: a huge hunger for data that is needed for optimizing the ROI and performance of assets,’ says Teun Levering, Sales & Marketing Director at Netdialog.

‘As a leading Value Added Network Services Provider, Custom Connect must have the best intelligence on what is happening in the networks that we run on behalf of our customers,’ says Rutger Bevaart, CTO and Lead Architect, Custom Connect.

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