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Custom Connect partners with Ctac for cloud services

Amsterdam, Den Bosch – 19 April 2016 — Custom Connect, the carrier-neutral data communications provider, and IT Solutions Provider Ctac have forged an open partnership in order to develop and support Ctac’s and its clients’ cloud strategy. Custom Connect builds and manages the connections and the network. In addition, Custom Connect advises on how to best take advantage of the continuous developments in communications technology and market.


Hans Grootjes (Ctac) & Rutger Bevaart (Custom Connect)


Ctac services many of the major Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Professional Services companies in Belgium, The Netherlands and France. Ctac provides information systems that are based on flexible and scalable infrastructures. “It is our mission to guarantee our clients maximum availability of their business-critical applications and data. Custom Connect manages the connectivity within our own and our clients’ infrastructure”, says Henny Hilgerdenaar, CEO Ctac. Connectivity is of the utmost importance as it represents the life line between datacenters, clouds, locations and users. Hilgerdenaar: “Connectivity should be central to any data center strategy.”

Ctac has built a virtual datacenter on the AMS-IX ring in Amsterdam in which, for redudancy purposes, five datacenters of the major providers are integrated. Custom Connect manages the connections between the datacenters and with Ctac’s clients. The connectivity between the data centers has the hightest possible availability.

In addition, Custom Connect ensures that Ctac’s clients – organizations that focus mostly on innovation and expansion – have access to the type of connectivity that their business demands. These business requirements differ per company and per application: greater bandwidth, lower pricing or lower latency. Connectivity can be required in the most remote locations.

The burden that new technologies put on the speed of data connections is considerable. Take in-memory analyses for example: as the analyses are conducted within the computer’s RAM, the data processing’s speed increases significantly. The connections to and from the source data must keep up with said speed. This requires connections with the lowest possible latency. “Demand is changing from ‘connect my business centers and datacenters’ to ‘connect my data wherever it is located”, says Olav van Doorn, CEO Custom Connect.

Data communication is headed for the Internet and IP. Custom Connect helps to realize “All IP”. Security is an important issue. Ctac wants to handle security on the network in such a way that DDoS attacks and other irregularities will be thwarted before they can reach and damage applications. Custom Connect builds a clean Internet for Ctac with guaranteed SLAs

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