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Custom Connect Signs Support Software Contract With OTRS

OTRS Group, the world’s leading provider of open-source and cloud-based service management software solutions, is announcing today the acquisition of Dutch global connectivity specialist Custom Connect B.V. as a new customer. With global offices and a demanding client base varying from Fortune 500 enterprises to innovative start-ups, the operating connectivity specialist sought a customer support software that offers high standards and flexibility. Open source customer support software OTRS Business Solution was chosen over for its flexible software architecture, easy integration, on-premise hosting, and non-seat based licensing.

Ton Blok, Senior Engineer at Custom Connect B.V., explains the benefits that OTRS Business Solution brings to the customer support and engineering team : “It works like an ordinary email client, very intuitive. You know perfectly what the open tickets are, you have a good overview of what is in your inbox and the priorities are clear. The graph in the dashboard that shows the amount of open and closed tickets measured against each other is displayed on a big screen in our office and really pushes our motivation!“

Custom Connect B.V. launched their customer support team in-house February 2016 and needed an effective customer support software to further improve the transparency and efficiency of customer communication. With their team Custom Connect B.V. processes between 130 to 3,000 tickets per week and provides support services to customers and suppliers. A partner company demonstrated the flexibility of the OTRS Business Solution to the team.

“We wanted to host the system ourselves so we can integrate it with our own systems more independently. With the open software architecture of the OTRS Business Solution it is easily done by adding our code. On this basis, we plan to integrate it with Salesforce to offer our clients a familiar customer portal where they see their support requests, contracts and services at one glance. And we are just starting to explore the system!” explains Blok. Due to the flexibility of the system and the effective licensing model, Custom Connect B.V. plans to deploy OTRS Business Solution in other departments.

“In today’s competitive environment, companies and their customer support need to react quickly to changing requirements, either in terms of staff size or how the customer support software offers new features to improve efficiency,” said Christopher Kuhn, COO of OTRS Group. “By offering a licensing model not based on seats, an extensive feature set, and many configuration possibilities, the OTRS Business Solution is the perfect customer support software that helps companies to grow quickly, stay flexible and save on unnecessary licensing costs.“

Custom Connect:

Custom Connect combines the highest level of industry expertise and experience with our unique carrier-neutral connectivity layer to connect any location, wherever in the world it may be. We are not bound to, any single provider but can provide access to any operator, carrier or network worldwide. Want to know how we can help you? Contact us at

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