Custom Connect’s Low-Latency Connectivity between Mexico City and New York City Selected by Leading Global Trader

Custom Connect, global integrator of high-performance network solutions, today announced that a major worldwide financial trader selected Custom Connect to deliver connectivity between financial exchanges in Mexico City (MexDer), and 111 8th New York City (COMEX and NYSE Arca). It concerns a dedicated 1G Ethernet connection between these locations. This fast connection offers the lowest possible latency between both markets with a round-trip time of below 55 milliseconds.

This low-latency solution enables the client to expand its business by enabling high frequency trading between the financial markets in Mexico City and New York City. With increasing levels of competition, delivering a service with the lowest latency was a key requirement in designing this connection between these financial markets. Custom Connect designed a bespoke solution with the lowest latency by optimizing the fiber distance and network technology.

Custom Connect offered a bespoke solution that:

  • Is optimized for Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) between financial markets;
  • Offers the lowest possible latency between Mexico City and New York City;
  • Offers a SLA (walk-away clause) on the round trip latency below 60 milliseconds;
  • 24×7 support; and
  • Included dedicated project management.

“Connections to Mexico City are of high importance since Mexico is an emerging market. Because of growing competition on these markets, latency is key for our client. Acting on a carrier-neutral basis means that we can meet our client’s requirement, which resulted in the lowest possible latency,” commented Jan Willem Meijer, Executive Director at Custom Connect.

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