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Drivers and Homeowners Will Demand Enterprise-Grade Connectivity

The Internet of Everything is emerging. Consumers will have their cars, home equipment, clothing, watches and other devices connected together, far beyond standard internet access. They will need the lowest latency, highest bandwidth and 99,9999% availability for their connections, just as enterprises must have for their business communication.

Just check what’s happening in the automotive sector. Deutsche Telekom introduced its ‘Secure Auto Cloud’ at this year’s IFA consumer electronics show. An exhibit featuring a connected BMW i3 and QIVICON house allowed visitors to experience driver and vehicle-based services designed to improve safety, energy efficiency and comfort.

With connected homes and cars, drivers will be able to control features such as lights remotely on the go with the smart home app. In addition, BMW owners can turn a variety of devices on and off with smart home integrations. They can receive warnings if a window or patio door is opened or if a smoke alarm, motion sensor or water detector is triggered while they are out. The control display in the BMW dashboard shows relevant information from the home, along with a live feed from the security camera. The system also responds to the vehicle’s location – when the smart home app detects that the car is approaching home, for example, it can deactivate the alarm system and activate personal settings.

The MyKido family app, with videos and audio books for children passengers, was first introduced at the Mobile World Congress. It gives families access to audio books, films and TV shows. In addition to streaming, MyKido allows the use of content offline. Due to the integration of personal devices with BMW ConnectedDrive and its intelligent communications technology, parents can keep an eye on their children’s media usage in the backseat. The child-friendly ‘BMW Kids Cockpit’ shows trip-related information, such as the current speed and the car’s fuel level.

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