Global Enterprise

Global Enterprises have to connect their sites and data centers. Designing and sourcing the right data network globally so that it is tailored to the demands of each individual location – now and in the future – is a challenge. Deploying cloud services makes this even more complex. There is often little flexibility in the solutions offered by global providers. You need bespoke services and flexibility.

“High-available Enterprise Connectivity, through a integrated and carrier-neutral approach.”

You want:

 High Value – Maximum reduction of your TCO
•  Global Reach – Connection of large business centres and remote locations
•  Efficiency – One provider, one contact, one contract
•  Connect the Cloud – Integrate enterprise IT with public and private clouds
•  Availability – ‘Five 9s’

What solutions are available to Global Enterprises? Building your own network is definitely not an option. Sourcing and deploying an international corporate network is expensive and extremely complex. Vendor fragmentation also threatens to drain IT resources as the provider landscape is such a jungle. There is so much variation in service level agreements (SLAs), and in technical variety, that businesses have to look to a specialist network provider to assist with the process.

Custom Connect Zero Assessment

Which connectivity do you need and which choice best addresses your business strategy? Why not perform the Custom Connect Zero Assessment to align connectivity with your business objectives, processes, your specific market and applications? From a risk management and cost perspective, determining the connectivity you require for each application category is critical.

Scope of the Zero Assesment

Business objectives and how connectivity influences them
Regulatory considerations
Basic infrastructure and applications
4  Industry-specific applications
The relationships between data, servers, storage, networks, clouds and regions
The data volume per unit of time (actual and anticipated)
Required bandwidth (dimensioned on peak load)
The allocation of bandwidth per application and per location

Select an independent specialist that can implement a flexible infrastructure that caters to your exact needs. A partner that stays on-trend with developments and that reacts to industry changes when they occur. Select Custom Connect and lower your costs, improve availability and drive flexibility.

Custom Connect, That’s Why:

•  Lowest TCO – Up to 30% reduction
•  Global reach – We supply in 250+ countries, 10,000+ cities, 2,000+ data centres
•  Single Point of Contact and Contract – For 1,500+ providers worldwide
•  Connect the Cloud – We connect to 5,000+ cloud providers


Tips for Global Enterprises:

– You will have a greater need for availability than you may think, therefore conduct a Zero Assessment
– Ensure your own infrastructure between locations, data centers and partners is of the highest standard
– Assess the bandwidth for each application – a one-size-fits-all strategy is needlessly expensive
– Never choose one single carrier for everything
– Remain flexible and stay alert
– Today’s solutions become outdated faster than you may think

Our Proof:

“Fortune Top100 companies selected Custom Connect for network design and operations of their global connectivity. The customer with the largest footprint needed connectivity in 137 countries on 4 continents.”


Book your free Custom Connect Zero Assessment Today!



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