Equinix Customer success story – Custom connect

“For Custom Connect, a supplier of highly professional network solutions, a reliable IT infrastructure is indispensable so we can implement our company’s success strategy. Equinix offers us ideal conditions.”

Jaap Copier, Project and Sales Executive at Custom Connect

The Current Situation

As a supplier of latency-optimized network services, Custom Connect has numerous clients in the financial sector whose business activities require reliable, highly available and performanceoptimized network connections to the major trading centers. For two clients from the Netherlands, this meant the planning of a presence in Frankfurt to be able to use the Deutsche Börse, Eurex und Xetra trading solutions.

The Solution

Custom Connect’s challenge was to implement a professional, affordable and latency-optimized solution for these customers. As a result, Custom Connect set up a fast and latency-optimized 100 MBit/s connection between the Amsterdam financial district data center in Beursplein 5 and the Equinix FR2 data center in Frankfurt. At that site, Custom Connect provides customers with a dedicated rack shared by several customers as well as network connections. With this practical solution, end customers can enjoy a cost reduction of up to 50 percent without compromising performance and service.

Why Equinix?

The Equinix platform combines highly available, global International Business Exchange (IBX®) data centers with the dynamic ecosystems comprised of customers and networks utilizing these data centers. Each IBX serves as a neutral location for carrier and service providers and provides the foundation for efficient data traffic and an ideal marketing of services. More than 4,000 companies, including more than 700 Cloud and IT service providers with high bandwidth requirements, are using the services of over 680 carriers at global Equinix locations for their connections, as well as for selling and purchasing high-quality IT services. For Custom Connect, Equinix’s extensive presence forms the foundation for quick and direct reactions to customer requests. As the Equinix data centers worldwide cover 38 key economic regions in 13 countries on 5 continents, the possibility of quickly developing other locations becomes obvious. All international Equinix data centers offer the same high quality standards and comply with the relevant global performance and safety standards. By continuously expanding its capacities, Equinix ensures at the same time that there are no limits to the services – in either extent or range – provided to its customers.

Latency Optimization

For Custom Connect, collaborating with Equinix creates the groundwork to meet the speed and safety demands of the financial service providers by supplying optimized network routes. In this case, due to the company’s presence in Frankfurt’s key market, Custom Connect is able to offer its customers a highly scalable solution ensuring the highest performance standards and the lowest latencies. The importance of low latencies – i.e. how long data stay in the net – becomes clear considering the fact that busy trading companies might complete more than 1,000 fully automated transactions per second. Each millisecond saved is a competitive advantage and companies with the best technology and the fastest possible connections will rise to the top.

Carrier Neutrality

Carrier-neutral data center operators represented at strategic global growth markets, such as Equinix, guarantee a decided advantage in time to network service providers expanding their product offer to new markets. To search for, contact or submit offers to new potential partners, customers or suppliers, Equinix provides its customers with the Equinix Marketplace online portal. In particular, carriers with a Carrier Ethernet Exchange presence can make use of the Marketplace for Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange (ECEE). At that marketplace, they can present their Ethernet service offers, post profiles, performance data and location lists in card or list format and answer any inquiries from prospects. The Marketplace for ECEE can also be used to query price information, scope of services information and site availability of other carriers’ Ethernet services. This marketplace functionality helps to significantly reduce the time period between interest in an Ethernet service and providing said Ethernet service.

Stable Partnership as a Factor in Success

Custom Connect’s customers are very dynamic, which affects their requirements. In addition to complying with high quality and safety standards in data centers, flexibility and professional care are very important for Custom Connect so customers’ satisfaction is continuously guaranteed. In this regard, selecting the right partner is of existential importance for the company. Working with Equinix not only means having an internationally well-positioned data center operator at one’s side; it also means working with a company that has achieved a high level of technology and service quality.

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