Everything You Need To Know About Our Cloud App Performance Service

Custom Connect is a global data communication specialist providing solutions to connect any office, data center, or cloud environment anywhere in the world. Our carrier neutral operating model is not bound to any single provider, and can provision access to any operator, carrier, or network worldwide. With our unique connectivity-model, we secure reliable connections with your customers, partners, and employees.


Besides our Connectivity Services which focus on advanced capacity needs, we provide a range of Connectivity PLUS Services that provide solutions for securing mission-critical business processes.

Our newest addition to our PLUS Services, the intelligent Cloud App Performance solution, caters to the needs of our many Fortune 500 and high growth clients around the world who now rely on the global standard of cloud technology.


Today, business is dynamic. Cloud services let companies quickly ramp capacity up and down to match business needs — and they do this with monthly contracts or based on the actual consumption of resources. Essentially, cloud computing services let you expand and contract IT resources in synchronization with your customers, partners, and employees’ business requirements.


Because of this worldwide utilization, it’s logical that today almost every application environment is cloud-based. Your CRM is cloud, your logistics are cloud, your vendor interaction is cloud, your email is cloud. The growth is substantial and the landscape will continue to expand as new applications and technology are introduced. Basically, everything in your company lives via the cloud today. So our belief is no cloud, no business.


Innovation has never been more critical to enterprises regardless of their size or industry. In a global economy driven by increasingly empowered people, enterprises must find ways to stand out from their competitors and create closer connections with their customers, partners, and employees. Cloud innovation is vital to the success on these fronts and creates the ability to differentiate and be disruptive. Thus, our belief: innovate or die!


Enterprises have a history of taking an IT-centric outlook — ignoring the people and application side. At Custom Connect, we take an application-centric view on cloud computing, providing applications anytime, anywhere and securing the global enterprise and people it caters. Our belief is that people and applications should always be first.


What do all clouds services have in common? Regardless of their popularity or size, clouds experience longer or shorter periods of slowdown and even outages. These delays are impacting organizations around the world that rely on the cloud for their day-to-day business — and today, that’s basically every business.

While there’s a great deal of negative publicity when these clouds suffer outages, it’s no less damaging to the business and its people when a cloud service slows down or goes offline, even if it doesn’t make the news. It’s no wonder that, according to leading analyst firms, two of the top three concerns that CXO’s have about cloud services are related to performance and availability.


What makes the cloud unpredictable? Moving services to the cloud promises to deliver increased agility, at a lower cost. However, along the way there are many risks and once you switch there’s increased complexity in managing those cloud applications.

We know application performance is critical, but it can be stressful due to the unpredictable performance of these global cloud applications.


Are you confronted with cloud fragmentation? If you aren’t yet, you will be. Because as cloud computing becomes the driving force behind businesses, it will also become more diverse and complex.

When you eventually begin running on multiple clouds it will lead to technical confusion — like standardization and compatibility issues. Business executives and CXO’s will then be challenged to unify the connectivity of all these different ‘cloud islands’, organized in a wide array of both private, public, and hybrid clouds. Without a single end-to-end orchestration, one thing is sure: the app user experience will be in danger.


Do you work with multiple cloud service providers? Sure, it would be easy to choose one cloud provider and stick with them for all your needs. But, in the long run, you may need the services of another cloud service provider, then another, and eventually, you will need for all those cloud services to work together. This is when you begin running into problems.

Soon, the cost advantages of cloud services can easily be overrun by the unmanageable costs of multiple cloud islands that are not robustly interconnected, leading to unpredictable performance, low user experience and high cost.


Are you ready for the solution? Your customers, partners and employees are demanding better solutions to engage with your business and one another. The cloud model has held promise but has proven costly, difficult to orchestrate, and time-consuming for IT teams. “Cloud App Performance” overcomes these challenges and does it all with one port as well as fixed, predictable and transparent pricing.

Now, you can minimize OPEX and maximize the returns on legacy CAPEX investments with one smooth, tightly integrated connectivity transition port for all your cloud services— specially configured for your unique business and technical requirements.

– CAP is designed as a global infrastructure service to connect you via one port into any, and every global cloud.

– CAP gives you a dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth with end-end application performance.

– CAP enables you to manage all your cloud connectivity with one partner, everywhere, globally.


Your benefits are simple and straight-forward:

Predictable performance of all your cloud-based applications, anytime, anywhere.

All cloud connectivity costs become predictable, transparent, and fixed.

Your interconnected cloud now lets you be fully in control.

It’s never been easier to connect to and manage the cloud.

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