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Fuze & Custom Connect team up

Amsterdam, 13 December 2016—Custom Connect, the carrier-neutral data communications provider, and Fuze, the leading UCaaS solution for the modern enterprise, are teaming up to introduce their respective offerings to their customers. When combined, they provide cloud unified communications over global networks with unparalleled performance and availability.

Over the past several years, most mission critical business solutions have moved into the cloud to streamline and scale operations. Business communications is the next wave. As the global platform of choice for the world’s leading businesses, Fuze provides a cloud-based platform for executives looking to simplify business communications and empower their people through a single secure app. With Fuze, people can seamlessly collaborate on any device – over voice, video, and messaging – whenever, wherever, and however they want.


“Communications are vital to enterprises. We offer advanced functionality for communications and customer contact from the cloud, matched by our service level agreement with five 9s. Our customers need seamless access to our software from any location in the world in a secure fashion. Therefore, we are very happy to be able to point them to Custom Connect’s best-in-class network offerings,” said Massimiliano Errigo, Area Director EMEA Channels at Fuze.




Olav van Doorn, CEO, Custom Connect is also enthusiast about the cooperation with Fuze. “Fuze is one of the rising stars in the UCaaS space. Many of our customers are considering to get their mission critical communication functionality from the cloud. We are more than willing to bring the benefits of Fuze to their attention: significant savings on their phone bills and overall communications, reduced TCO and IT foot print, and increased workforce mobility and productivity. Fuze understands the impact of connectivity on the experience of their customers. We are happy to help Fuze customers in optimizing their network in line with their business strategy and bring the Fuze UC differentiators to the attention of our customer portfolio.”

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