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Great Start World Cup !

Season 2015-2016 started good for Floris Meijer, Pro Skier going for the Paralympics in 2018 in South Korea. With a superb first race in December together with the sponsorship contract from Custom Connect in January 2016. Floris visited four countries to perform his first World Cup.

“After training a week in Austria, we travelled to Slovenia. Here l joined the first World Cup. I finished 13th in a total of 25, these are the best skiers in the world. A great result for a first World Cup, so l was very happy!”

After the World Cup series Floris traveled to Italy and Switzerland for more World Cup races in Slalom and Giant Slalom. Floris performed overall very good and after these intense activities Floris recovered in the Netherlands before moving to Andorra for a new training camp. After that Floris arrived in Espot (Spain) for the European Cup:

“The European program was very exciting as multiple high-speed races were organized as well as two giant slalom competitions. These type of slalom competitions are one of my specialties. Unfortunately, l was injured and although this was a minor injure the impact on my ability to compete was severe impacted. After a though discussion with my coaches, we decided to return to the Netherlands to ensure that I could recover.”

Floris uses the coming period to recover and prepare form the coming European Cup finals.:

“I still have a week to recover and to prepare for the next week of training in the Olympic training center. I can’t wait to return and kick some ass!”

We support Floris in this difficult time and expect that he recovers on short time and we will keep you posted during the European Cup finals!

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