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Is Britain exiting free internet as well?

Brexit is looked at as a way to control illegal human traffic. And now, Great Britain is looking for a way to keep malicious data out of the country, as well as prevent citizens from visiting harmful places on the world wide web. It’s called: the Wall of Hadrianus.

The idea is that ISPs like BT and Sky should be able to block access to malicious websites for citizens and businesses. It’s a far-fetched approach to fight cyber crime – an increasing and significant threat to the internet economy and society. According to its National Cyber Security Centre, the UK is more susceptible to cyber-attacks by other states, terrorists and hackers – because of the extensive digitization of the country.

But as it is with many of these ideas: what exactly is ‘malicious’ in the opinion of the administration? Are ‘wrong’ ideas malicious as well? And isn’t the common practice of the placement of cookies and trackers on the computer of unsuspecting website visitors also a mild form of cybercrime?

This development in the UK causes concern, as other countries may follow. This development also stirs up interesting discussions about privacy. For example: will this block of data and websites follow in the footsteps of China’s – much-criticized system of censorship – the Great Firewall?

Anyway, when this digital Wall of Hadrianus – the wall that the Romans build to keep the Scots out of England – really materializes, internet users should be allowed to activate or deactivate the blockade in order to address concerns about the limitation of their freedom of choice.

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