Mamadoo Ventures participates in Custom Connect

Mamadoo Ventures B.V., a niche investment company, announces to have taken a stake in Custom Connect B.V., the worldwide provider of advanced, carrier-neutral connectivity services as of 2 May 2013. This participation fits perfectly into Mamadoo’s strategy, to take interests in medium-sized organizations with a clear focus and the ambition for rapid growth. Custom Connect was founded in 2009 and focuses on developing and providing services in the field of designing, realizing and maintaining international communication connectivity.

Custom Connect’s customers comprise of Fortune 500 companies, service providers, financial institutions and organizations in the business of modern media and technology. Custom Connect represents worldwide over 1,500 carriers, making itself the largest independent worldwide operating provider of data connections. Furthermore, Custom Connect also realizes and exploits its own wireless Ultra Low Latency Microwave connections. The very first connection, between the two most important European exchanges in London and Frankfurt, is already in place and being used.

About Mamadoo

Mamadoo Ventures is an investment company founded by Ruud Kroon and Hans Snel, participating in medium-sized enterprises with the following profile: a clear specialization, active in one or more emerging markets, the ambition to accelerate growth and a business model in which service models with a continuous character are always present/possible. Kroon and Snel have years of experience in the technology market, including being the founders of the network integrator Netlink B.V. (now AXIANS) which they sold to the French business group VINCI in 2004. Mamadoo has further stakes in the rapidly expanding SecureLink Group and the Dutch activities of the German Xantaro Networks.


Hans Snel: “Participation in Custom Connect was a logical choice for us. Custom Connect has a proven track record with a unique business model, shows a clear focus and provides an answer to the needs that all organizations with international connections have: excellent, fast, cost-efficient connections. These players must deal with many providers, but lack the knowledge for optimum purchasing and getting the best connections for the best prizes. This is exactly what Custom Connect provides, efficiently handling the sourcing process for its customers. This allows its partners to have access to the best connections with the lowest latency, under the most favorable terms, in less time, with greater ease and with just one window! Custom Connect’s model lends itself for further internationalization. We can really help the management in this.”

Ruud Kroon, of Mamadoo: “We can provide powerful support to the current management and the activities recently started in England thanks to our years of experience in the networking industry and in the growth acceleration of companies. The market for international data connections is a rapidly emerging one. The rise of the cloud will only further accelerate this growth. The knowledge and innovative approach of Custom Connect offers considerable opportunities”.

Olav van Doorn, with Jan Willem Meijer co-founder of Custom Connect: “We consider the participation of Mamadoo in Custom Connect as a great opportunity to accelerate our growth and international expansion. The combination of investment and hands-on involvement directly fits into what we were looking for to realize our growth ambitions for Custom Connect. Our business model has proven en lends itself for a further reach into the worldwide financial centers. The experience in the creation and management of a larger organization really helps us.”

Meijer adds: “Participation of Mamadoo in Custom Connect arrives just at the right moment for us. I experience the contacts with Ruud and Hans as very valuable. Their knowledge and experience will really make a difference in implementing the plans we made together for the years to come. Together with Mamadoo we will realize these. Besides further growth, we also look at expanding our services.”

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