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Stronger partnership with Equinix

Custom Connect strengthened its partnership with Equinix, by expanding its Point of Presence (PoP) to the Equinix FR5 Data center in Frankfurt. We have also created a PoP on Equinix’s AM3 International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Amsterdam. This partnership increases the number of carriers available to us in Eastern-Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Read more here

No connectivity, No customer contact!

‘How may I help you?’ Customer contact is moving to the cloud. Mtel builds advanced, cloud based customer contact solutions for large enterprises. Its success will rely on high-availability datacenters and connectivity infrastructures. TDCG and Custom Connect together will ensure that Mtel’s business-critical customer contact offerings will always be online!

More on connectivity infrastructures here

The connected enterprise

With enterprises working around the clock, we need to ensure that today’s solutions can keep up with the innovations of tomorrow. It’s therefore more important than ever to stay on top the developments in connectivity. Because connectivity needs to mee the highest business requirements, even in the most remote locations. Since we are reaching a point where connectivity and the communication network are shaping business instead of the other way around!

More on the connected enterprise here

How low can you go?

5G sets record of 2ms latency! 5G the new technology in mobile communications, is more than just innovative technology. Due to huge improvements in transmission speed, latency, bandwidth, coverage and signal quality new options are coming into the picture. The internet of things, self-driving cars and virtual reality will all develop faster because of 5G will make its way into our daily lives.
This technology will affect you, since WiFi or even cable networking might become obsolete!

Read about the strategic drivers for 5G here

Network as the first line of defense

Continuity of any business nowadays relies heavliy on the security of its IT systems. Everything is connected, meaning connectivity should be the main priority when it comes to security policies! The best approach? Zero trust!
The ideal network should be a utility, where bandwidth latency, security and even encryption already have been dealt with. Although some carriers already protect their customers against DDoS, phishing, spam or malware by offering so called ‘clean pipes’. In the end network quality is still the responsibility of the enterprise, or network management services provider. The best rule of thumb: Enforce zero trust policies! Do not trust any fireign network access, only allow access to people, devices and processes that are known, checked and monitored.

More on network security here

Welcome to Custom Connect!

We continue to grow and during the third quarter of 2016, we have welcomed 4 new people to the Custom Connect family.

Mathijs Bogaards – Head of Sales Support
Narwan Ramsodit – Account Director NL
Sander Bitter – Account Director NL
Oliver Wilson – Account Director UK


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