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No Connectivity, No Customer Contact

How may I help you? Customer contact is moving to the cloud. Mtel builds advanced, cloud based customer contact solutions for large enterprises. Its success relies on a high-availability datacenter and connectivity infrastructure. TDCG and Custom Connect together ensure that Mtel’s business-critical customer contact offerings are always on.

A consumer that has to wait for an answer is a lost customer. Today, customers expect 24/7 accessibility, service, and instant solutions. For companies with millions of customers, it’s an ever growing challenge to best serve them through all of their channels including: phone, web, e-mail, and social media. Speed, consistency of information and a First-Time-Fix are necessary to keep consumers happy and coming back.

Michiel van Dis, CEO Mtel

Technology is the predominant building block for faultless, effective, and efficient handling of customer information and contacts. Mtel offers cloud-centric solutions for the coordination and management of people, processes, and technology. For PBX, IVR and Contact Center operations. “Our mission is to be the expert in the field of managing, monitoring and predicting customer contacts,” said Michiel van Dis, CEO Mtel.


Delays are catastrophic

Most of its Mtel’s customers are depending on the company’s solutions for their business and reputation. As availability and speed are crucial in this environment, Mtel needs the best quality for its cloud infrastructure which includes: latency, redundancy and bandwidth. Mtel has chosen The Datacenter Group (TDCG) as one of its leading local datacenter service providers. “Two factors are important to us: the number of carriers in the datacenter, as we have a varied base of customers that all have their specific connectivity needs. And the datacenter outfit must be state-of-art, in terms of power supply, cooling, security and energy footprint. TDCG is one of the best in class in the larger Amsterdam region,” says Van Dis. “Many alarm centers run through Mtel’s solutions, delays in the handling of emergencies are catastrophic as it may be a matter of life or death. And our cloud voice services must have the same Quality of Service as legacy telephony.


Booming datacenter industry

TDCG runs a twin datacenter operation in Amsterdam, and in the technology hotspot of Delft. Most of the large cloud and hosting services providers in the Netherlands are customers of TDCG, “With over 10.000 sqm we are in the top 10 of the booming Dutch datacenter industry.  We are even among the fastest growing providers,” says Siemon van den Berg, General Director of TDCG.


Where many datacenter providers have chosen the Operational Excellence scenario, TDCG combines this with Customer Intimacy. “Customers appreciate being serviced by a team that is just around the corner – people that they know, and that they are able to meet in real life. They enjoy our personal approach as it makes us flexible and fast in responding to their requests.“ That very sentiment is shown in their customer satisfaction scores which rank over 8 on a scale of 10.

Fotografie: Mischa Keijser. Vrij gebruik door The Datacenter GroupSiemon van den Berg, General Director TDCG

TDCG combines this customer centric approach with Product Leadership, setting the highest quality standards, “Since our start about 10 years ago, we’ve been able to deploy a 100% availability year after year. We have developed a groundbreaking cooling method that results in an energy efficiency PUE of 1,15, which is very low. By reducing our power consumption, we reduce our costs and our prices. That gives us competitive edge.


TDCG has brought in Custom Connect, its strategic partner for connectivity, to provide customers like Mtel with bespoke solutions for for their users. Custom Connect has taken care of essential parts of Mtel’s backbone as well, “Custom Connect is an excellent match. They know all the networks of national and international suppliers in this business. This allows us to offer our customers even better service when it comes to connectivity solutions.” says Van den Berg. TDCG and Custom Connect both have committed to a Connectivity Service Level Agreement that defines the availability and service levels of the connectivity that Custom Connect delivers. The Connectivity SLA also includes cooperation in knowledge sharing and customer satisfaction. Custom Connect also helped TDCG to expand its choice of carriers.

OlavVanDoorn_570_380Olav van Doorn, CEO Custom Connect

As a global player Custom Connect designs, delivers and supports high performance connectivity solutions. Custom Connect is not bound to any single provider, but can provide access to any operator, carrier or network worldwide. Thanks to this carrier-neutral approach, Custom Connect provides the best and most efficient network that addresses the business needs of the specific customer.

To ensure the best match between customer requirements and the network infrastructure, a local approach is crucial. Therefore, Custom Connect partners with strong regional datacenters, in addition to the large, worldwide datacenters it also works with. Olav van Doorn, Co-founder and CEO of Custom Connect: “We are strictly objective, we enjoy working with all carriers including carrier-neutral datacenters, as well as global and local players. Big is not always beautiful. Many companies are even better off with a local datacenter that is fully customer oriented. TDCG shares our vision on the importance of carrier-neutrality for the customer, and of the quality of the services. Our joint carrier-neutral approach ensures that customers like Mtel can count on effective, reliable, integrated connectivity.


“Mtel needs the best quality for its cloud infrastructure, in terms of latency, redundancy and bandwidth” Michiel van Dis, CEO Mtel

“Our joint carrier-neutral approach ensures that customers like Mtel can count on effective, reliable, integrated connectivity” Siemon van den Berg, General Director TDCG

“TDCG shares our vision on the importance of carrier-neutrality for the customer” Olav van Doorn, CEO Custom Connect


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