Prepare for 1Tbs Bandwiths!

You thought maybe that 100Gb is much? Buckle up: transmission volumes of 1 Terabit per second (Tbps) are just around the corner. The world wants to be super-connected and more and more bandwidth is needed to accommodate the needs of customers. The telecom backbones need to be ready to cope with these demands. There have been several trials over telecom backbones reaching speeds over an optical signal, a so called super-channel, of up to one Terabit per second. That’s equal to the transmission of 33 HD films in a single second!

The trials were to determine whether a technology for combining 200Gbps channels can be integrated into the core network and evolve to 400Gbps channels, and even 1Tbps super channels, in the future. By reusing existing facilities, the transmission capacity of the core network links could be expanded from 16Tbps to 20Tbps.

The record transmission speed was conducted over a 1,040 kilometer fiber link using an advanced ‘Flexgrid’ infrastructure. This approach increases the capacity on a fiber cable by compressing the gaps between transmission channels. The technique increases the density of the transmission channels on fiber, making it around 150% more efficient than today’s typical 100Gbps core network links.

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