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Robbing you silent: The Internet of Bots

Surprise! The most fanatic users of internet are not human at all. These users don’t post cute kitten pictures on Instagram, share family photos on Facebook, or look at Russian dashcam videos on YouTube – they just crawl the web.

Bots and Crawlers may represent up to 50% of Web traffic, tech analyst DeviceAtlas has found out. Bot traffic ranges from legitimate search engine crawlers who are indexing web content for their search results such as Google, to automated scrapers and bots generated by hackers, click fraudsters and spammers.


Most website owners are unaware of the impact of this traffic. Analysis tools that map traffic to a site – for example, Google Analytics – filter this traffic out as effectively as possible. But it certainly is a reason for concern as the volume of the non-human traffic is now so high that it can have an impact on the response time of the site and therefore on your online business.


Advertisers should especially take notice. Many ads are paid depending on the number of clicks, but clicks by a bot or crawler represent no value – only costs. What’s even worse: this senseless data traffic burdens your network’s capacity.


Simply make the calculations: about 50% of the traffic to and from your website is bot or crawler generated, the research shows. Suppose that half of this is ‘legitimate’ and associated with indexing for search engines like Google. That means that the other half is of no value whatsoever for you. That’s 25% of the total traffic! Your network is overly dimensioned by 25% to handle it all. If you take your yearly data communications costs into account, this could add up to significant money. You really should look into this. There is money to be saved.


Would you like to know if your network is bot proof? Contact us at

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