Switch Datacenters and Custom Connect to Offer Carrier-Neutral Low Latency Connectivity Facilities to Co-Location Clients in Amsterdam

SWITCH DATACENTERS, a high-density carrier-neutral datacenter in Amsterdam’s South East business district, today announced that it will enter a cooperation with Custom Connect, a global carrier-neutral reseller of high-performance network solutions, to deliver ultra low-latency connectivity facilities to its clients.

The cooperation is aimed at accommodating the increasing demand for data processing capacity in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. According to figures from CB Richard Ellis, Amsterdam has a 33 per cent market share in the total capacity take-up of datacenter space in major European cities. At close to 10,000 m2 of take-up growth in 2011, the city outperformed London, Paris, Frankfurt and Madrid.

Switch Datacenter leverages Amsterdam’s position as a key connectivity hub with its location in the Amsterdam South East business district. The area has one on the world’s highest densities of International Carrier Fiber Backbones. As carrier-neutral datacenter, Switch Datacenters is able to offer its clients virtually every connectivity service from almost 50 different Carrier Networks.

Custom Connect specializes in designing, delivering and supporting bespoke high-performance connectivity solutions around the world. As a carrier-neutral service provider, Custom Connects helps clients benefit from optimal low-latency routes between both established and emerging markets.

By collaborating, Switch Datacenters and Custom Connect will be able to provide high-value bespoke, carrier-neutral services with unparalleled flexibility and the expertise to cater to evolving market changes and client needs.

“We distinguish ourselves in this market space with our commitment to delivering client-specific solutions while remaining affordable,” commented Gregor Snip of Switch Datacenters, “We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach with our clients by understanding and accommodating their requirements and future expansion plans.”

“The cooperation with Switch Datacenters is an excellent opportunity for us to work with like-minded people,” added Olav van Doorn, Executive Director at Custom Connect, “Agility is at the heart of our services. By offering bespoke carrier-neutral solutions, our clients are able to benefit from the lowest possible latency connections and a real carrier-neutral advice and delivery without breaking the bank.”

 About Switch Datacenters

Switch Datacenters is a leading provider of state-of-the-art network neutral datacenters headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We offer a complete portfolio of services focused on ISPs, system integrators and large Web environments.

Switch Datacenters differentiates itself from conventional datacenters with its ultra modern facilities, offering scalable capacity, supreme connectivity, 24×7 support & NOC services and highly efficient energy use. Switch Datacenters maintains a carrier-neutral policy and has over 40 international backbone carriers including a direct link with the NL-IX and the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. Connecting a new Carrier network can be executed by the presence of the international fiber route in close proximity to our datacenter in Amsterdam.

Our primary datacenter is located in the Amsterdam Southeast business district and has a total floor area of 8.320 m2 (88.000 sq ft). Our datacenters are climate neutral and have the latest technology in security, guaranteed power, cooling and connectivity. Our datacenters support the latest high density power configurations, achieve a PUE factor of 1.27 and are powered with 100% green electricity.

Switch Datacenters Press Contact

Gregor Snip
Telephone: +31 (0)20 691 6424
Email: g.snip@switchdatacenters.com


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