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The Datacenter Group and Custom Connect announce partnership

The Datacenter Group (TDCG) and Custom Connect (CC) announce a strategic partnership. This connectivity level agreement also includes cooperation in knowledge sharing and customer satisfaction.

Together making the connection
Custom Connect is an international player in network connections, acting both globally and locally to design, deliver and support high performance connectivity solutions. Custom Connect is not bound to any single provider, but can provide access to any operator, carrier or network worldwide. Thanks to this carrier-neutral approach, Custom Connect provides the best and most efficient network.


Simon van den Berg (TDCG) & Olav van Doorn (Custom Connect)


Siemon van den Berg – General Director of TDCG – and Olav van Doorn – CEO of CC – are excited about the collaboration:

Siemon van den Berg: “Custom Connect is an excellent match. They know all the networks of national and international suppliers in this business. This allows us to offer our customers even better service when it comes to connectivity solutions.”

Olav van Doorn: “The Datacenter Group fits perfectly into the Custom Connect model. The joint carrier-neutral approach ensures that customers can count on effective, reliable, integrated connectivity. The partnership provides a boost in synergy which is good for a carrier-neutral world.”

At the moment both Custom Connect and The Datacenter Group are exploring where they can complement each other. Custom Connect and The Datacenter Group are also proud to present their first joint customer: the customer contact specialist, Mtel. Mtel supplies both medium and large companies as well as government organizations with complete portfolios of customer contact solutions from the cloud. Mtel is used by countries around the world because of their international position, their carrier neutral network, and reliable data center solutions. All parties look forward to what the future will bring.

The Datacenter Group
The Datacenter Group is a carrier and ISP neutral twin data center, located in Amsterdam (2007) and Delft (2012). Since the beginning, the data centers have achieved an uptime of 100%. The data centers are innovative and use sustainable and green solutions. TDCG is also affiliated with the Dutch Data Centre Association. Certifications include: ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO14001 and since 2016 PCI -DDS.

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