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The hunt for infra accelerates

Two worlds apart are now coming together. But, why would one of the largest enterprise software providers in the world (Oracle) be interested in a DNS Service provider that lives deep in the basement of the internet (Dyn)?

The tale goes that during the gold rush in the Wild West, the people that made the most money were the ones selling tools like pickaxes, shovels, and sieves (and the bar owners and lady companions, of course). In the era of the ‘data gold rush’, we now see the same trend. IT infrastructure related companies – like carriers, data centers, and networking equipment – are very much wanted by investors and companies as there is a lot of money to be made off of them.

But not all acquisitions are money driven. Most of the major take-overs are strategic. High-tech companies are scrambling to expand their share in the distribution chain that runs to the consumer and the business customer. Through acquisitions or by efforts of their own, carriers buy data centers. Thus, data centers become carriers and content providers become carriers and data center providers in one. Hardware vendors also buy software platforms. Today, the tech industry is very fluid.

The latest move by Oracle in purchasing Dyn follows this trend. But what is Oracle buying? Dyn is a cloud-based Internet Performance Management (IPM) company that provides visibility and control into the cloud and public internet resources. Dyn’s platform monitors, controls and optimizes applications and infrastructure through Data, Analytics, and Traffic Steering – ensuring traffic gets delivered in a fast, safe, and reliable way.

Dyn services the largest enterprises and most visited web properties in the world, including eight of the top 10 Internet Services and Retail companies, and six of the top 10 Entertainment companies in the Fortune 500. Dyn gained a lot of attention recently when it suffered a massive DDoS attack that crashed large parts of the US internet, bringing many large enterprises to a halt. But, the acquisition does not seem to have any relation to this.

Oracle provides IaaS and PaaS for companies building and running internet applications and cloud services. By acquiring Dyn, Oracle strengthens its cloud offerings and secures the availability of its online solutions. Dyn’s scalable and global service is a critical core component, and now a natural extension of Oracle’s cloud computing platform.

So, what happens next in the current gold rush? Does google buy a solar power plant? Will Equinix purchase Twitter? Who knows, anything goes these days. But please don’t shoot the piano player…
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