Trend: Data Center Roaming

Neutrality is moving up the infrastructure ladder. At Custom Connect, we have the vision that carrier-neutrality is the way to go for enterprise connectivity. Why? We find that companies want and need to stay flexible. Connectivity is a very competitive arena. The prices, bandwidths and latencies that carriers offer change rapidly. That means today’s solutions become outdated faster than you may think.

Most data centers have followed this development and offer connectivity to a broad choice of carriers. You just have to make a choice… But do not forget: data centers are a proprietary environment. If you are a customer of the provider, anything goes. But if you are not a customer but still want to connect to the internet exchange in there, forget it.

What happens if you wish to increase your freedom and flexibility even more, beyond carrier-neutrality, and become independent of your data center provider as well? Move your IT from data center to data center, if and when you wish? Move to China if the business needs to be there? Or change your local data center provider if a competitive offering suits you better?

Data Center Roaming allows business to do just that, with fairly short notice. Giants such as Google, Netflix and Akamai are paving the way for data center roaming to become a reality for all businesses. Just as the early carrier-neutral data centers jumped at the opportunity to provide alternatives to carrier-controlled exchange points, the companies behind the Open-IX organization have created an alternative to today’s exchanges that are carrier-neutral, but not data center provider-neutral. Google, Netflix, and Akamai and others founded the non-profit initiative to enable data center border free peering options.

They are breaking out of the fences the large data center providers have built around their premises. In the near future, enterprises and cloud providers will follow.


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