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Will a ‘Custom Connect’ help break a latency record?

31st August 2015 — London, UK – At the time of writing, Custom Connect’s microwave connections between Frankfurt and London are the fastest in the industry. Now the company is supporting another speed record breaking initiative: a rowing adventure between The Netherlands and London, immediately followed by The Great River Race.

The Dutch Marines Rowing Challenge is in aid of marines suffering trauma from their work in war zones across the world. 130 Dutch marines will row across the North Sea to Sheerness, North Kent, to London. They start in the Port of Rotterdam on 5th September 2015 and after a stopover in Vlissingen, The Netherlands, they arrive at London Bridge on 12th September.

On arrival, they will join the Great River Race in London. This marathon is a spectacular 21.6 mile boat race up the River Thames attracting over 330 crews from all over the globe. It appeals to every level of competitor, from those who enjoy fun, fancy dress and charity stunts, to serious sportsmen and women who want to win.

Custom Connect is proud to be sponsoring the challenge. “In a world of microseconds and bytes, it is great to do our bit in the domain of brute muscle force, seamanship and camaraderie. For once, we will calculate in hours instead of in microseconds. We believe very much in the objectives of the challenge and are happy to support our marines. They really need it,” said Olav van Doorn, Custom Connect’s CEO.
More information on the Dutch Marines Rowing Challenge is available on Facebook or at

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