Wireless Connectivity

Custom Connect has broad experience in designing, building and supporting long-haul microwave and millimeterwave wireless connectivity services. These services are ideal for connecting remote locations where fixed line connectivity is less available or when low-latency connectivity is required between Financial Exchanges.

In the race to zero, the choice of technology has never been more critical for Prime Brokerages, Proprietary Trading Firms, Market Makers, Hedge Funds & Banks. Traditionally, firms seeking the fastest connections between markets have looked to optical networks. But experience tells us this is an industry that is constantly in flux.

When seeking those faster connection times that can make all the difference, Custom Connect can give you the edge with wireless solutions. One advantage of stepping away from fiber is the simple matter of distance. A signal transmitted through the air can take a considerably more direct route than a cable that has to negotiate geographical features such as large bodies of water or metropolitan areas. A wireless service can cut latency by 45%.


+ Lowest possible latency in the market today, up to 45% faster than traditional networks
+ Ideal for locations that are difficult to reach with wired networks
+ These services can be tailored to your precise needs


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